Terms & Conditions


1) Alterations are always at an extra charge on all gowns, stock and special orders 2) Gowns ordered require a 50% deposit of the total gown purchase price before an order is placed. b) Lead time –  require 12 weeks however due to unforseen circumstances could be extended.   c) Late payments made to achieve 50% deposit will result in delays on making your gown. 3) (1) Final 50% payment is due on delivery of dress but dress will not be shipped until final payment received  (2) Full Payment Gowns on order: 100% of gown price must be made prior to any alterations commencing. Aleks Bridal Staff will notify the purchaser of the gown’s completion to facilitate final payment and schedule alterations where necessary. (4) Full Payment Gowns off rack: 100% of gown price must be made prior to any alterations commencing. (5) Final Payment 100% of invoice value (Sales Docket) which includes all alterations, accessories and any other items purchased prior to pick up  6) Cancellation fee – 30% of the total purchase. Furthermore, no orders were placed because the 50% Deposit payment was never achieved. 7) Cancellation Fee – 30% of the total purchase price for all off the rack in store a) Gowns & Accessories b) Including all specials 8) Cancellation Fee – 50% of the total purchase price of all Special Orders and once off Designer items 9) Fitting and alterations can only commence once Full Payment for the gown is received. 10) A Final Inspection and last Fitting is mandatory. a) The Purchaser’s signature is required on the final sales docket / contract as verification that a final inspection / fitting was carried out in a proper manner and that they accept delivery of their purchase. Storage and handling of all gowns is of paramount importance once they leave our Boutiques. 11) Continued – A Final Inspection and last Fitting is mandatory Aleks Bridal Collection will reject  any and all claims for gowns / items which have left our designer and are subsequently returned with claim(s) of imperfections, markings of any kind including damage. 12) Failure to supply resulting from delays impacting on the Purchasers’ wedding date. Due to unforeseen circumstances outside Aleks Bridal Collections control, we will guarantee to: a. Find an alternative, most similar in value and design and or most suitable gown at no extra expense to the bride or purchaser. b We accept no liability, damages claims, demands or consequential cost claims arising out of such delays which are outside our control, including but not limited to: e. Force Majeure, (acts of god, terrorism, strikes), Customs and Freight clearance issues, Global warming catastrophes’, Global Financial Crisis’, and any other restrictions imposed via external factors including sudden trade sanctions, Trade Union activities, strikes and any other future forms of interference to deliveries from interstate and or overseas. 13)  14) Off the rack gowns are sold “As is” a. They are always presented in “as is” condition which is the reason discounts apply. b. Each off the rack gown must be inspected upon Final pickup in line with the terms and conditions stipulated in this document. Originally, each gown has only been used for modelling purposes. Any signs of wear characteristics together with future sewing modifications must be clearly stipulated on the initial Sales (invoice) docket. The Purchaser’s acceptance will be documented by way of signing our paperwork. They will not have subsequent recourse to claim new for old or cancel their gown. 15) Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Aleks Bridal Collection will co-ordinate delivery of all gowns and tailor fit them to ensure customer satisfaction in a timely and professional manner, providing: a) All contact details must be correct and kept up to date enabling prompt and effective communications. b) Strict adherence to our Terms of Payment must be followed as outlined in these Conditions of Sale. c) Any changes to a wedding date are immediately brought to our attention. Where unforeseen circumstances occur and relating to and only in severe personal or direct family member hardships, Aleks Bridal will endeavour to assist wherever it can in meeting changes to a wedding date by offering alternative solutions to meet such pressing needs. d) We reserve the right to access each claim on its merits providing there is evidence to support such a claim. Aleks Bridal must be convinced the claim is genuine as they, the Seller are not under any legal obligation to accept such changes to the purchase contract. e) We comply with industry standards and take pride in our commitment to serve fairly and consistently to find an amicable solution for all our clients in such situations. f) This commitment is in no way to be construed as an opportunity to alter or cancel a sales contract. g) All payment obligations must still be met and any new contract conditions being negotiated are at the discretion of Alek Bridal collection. h) Unacceptable behaviour or conduct under trade practices has legal implications and will be dealt with by the relevant governing authorities. This applies to anyone dealing with Aleks Bridal collection, targeting staff members, their property and or third parties present in store or at time of sale.

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